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Your Files are in a Safe Hands
Even if something happens to your computer, phone, or tablet, all the photos, videos, docs, and other files in your Filebox are safe. You can even delete your Filebox folder from any lost or stolen device.
Always enough up to 20 GB free cloud storage space!

Create a FileBox account and instantly get 10 GB free online storage space.
Invite your friends to join, or perform steps in our bonus program and increase you free storage quota up to 20 GB.

If you need even more space, subscribe to our premium plans with 500 GB or 1 TB cloud storage space.

Backup all photos from your mobile device directly to the cloud with Automatic Sync.
Simple as ever
Your files can be accessed within seconds with our simple applications and tools
Access your most important files or folders even in offline mode.
Mark them as Favorite and save traffic on daily used media.
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